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Venerable Master Chin Kung spent thirteen years studying the classics, history, philosophy, and Buddhism under the guidance of Professor Fang Dongmei, a great philosopher of his time; Zhangjia Living Buddha, an eminent monk of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition; and Mr. Li Bingnan, a lay practitioner and master of Buddhism.

In 1953, after winning recognition from Professor Fang Dongmei, Master Chin Kung started to learn philosophy from Prof. Fang. When introducing the philosophy of the Buddhist sutras, Prof. Fang said, “The Buddha was a great philosopher, a great sage. Buddhist sutras contain a higher degree of philosophy, and learning Buddhism is the greatest enjoyment in life.” Professor Fang’s comments attracted Master Chin Kung who began studying Buddhism.

After one month, recommended by Mr. Ming Mengjing, Master Chin Kung started to learn Buddhism from Zhangjia Living Buddha. This study continued for three years until the great master’s death. Zhangjia Living Buddha told him to read the Chronology of Buddha Sakyamuni and the Biography of Buddha Sakyamuni. Zhangjia Great Master also taught him to see through and let go, thus helping him to establish a solid foundation for learning Buddhism.

Zhangjia Living Buddha passed away. Master Chin Kung followed his guidance and decided to dedicate the rest of his life to the propagation of Buddhism. He hoped his devotion to Buddhism would benefit all beings.

In 1958, Mr. Ju Jinzhou, a lay Buddhist and the owner of Taiwan Sutra Publishing House, suggested to Master Chin Kung that he go to Taichung where he learned Buddhism from Mr. Li Bingnan and remained under Mr. Li’s guidance for ten years. During those years, Master learned to lecture on five different Buddhist sutras (Sutra on Ananda Asking about the Good Fortune and Misfortune of Learning the Buddha’s Teachings, Amitabha Sutra, Chapter of the Vows and Practices of Samantabhadra, Diamond Sutra, and Shurangama Sutra). Mr. Li taught Master Chin Kung that “Ultimate sincerity touches all.”

Master’s Three Teachers

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