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1. Those who enter the chanting hall should focus on Buddha-name chanting and not speak against Pure Land practice or any teachings from Pure Land masters.

2. Those who are unclear about the practice of Buddha-name chanting should consult accomplished practitioners or the head of the chanting hall and not be attached to their own erroneous views and refuse to learn.  

3. Practitioners must attend both morning and evening sessions. They should be on time and are not allowed to be absent without good cause. Those who cannot attend because of illness or other reasons should report to the head of the chanting hall.

4. No chatting or gossiping is allowed during the chanting period. Talking should be conducted outside the hall and should be done softly to avoid disturbing others.  

5. Those who cause disturbances and do not follow the advice of the head of the chanting hall will not be allowed to enter the hall.

6. Practitioners must wear a haiqin inside the hall to practice Buddha-name chanting. Improper attire is strictly forbidden.

7. Practice in the hall focuses on Buddha-name chanting. Those who enter the hall are encouraged to chant the best they can.

8. Practitioners must follow the chanting machine and chant in terms of the tune and length. Chanting too slowly or quickly, or randomly changing tunes, is not allowed.

9. Running inside the hall is forbidden. During chanting, practitioners must not whisper to each other or look around the hall.

10. Keep the hall neat and clean. Quietly enter or exit the hall in single file and maintain a moderate pace. Do not push or make noise.

11. Put on and remove your haiqing outside the hall.

12. The sequence for walking meditation is (1) monks, (2) nuns, (3) male lay practitioners, and (4) female lay practitioners.

13. The hall must remain quiet and dignified. Dharma instrument practice must be conducted elsewhere.

14. Children, except those who can abide by the hall rules, are not allowed to enter the hall as they may disturb people’s practice.

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