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Chapter 1: Respecting and Loving our Parents at Home

When our parents call us, we should answer them right away.

When they tell us to do something, we should do it promptly.

When our parents instruct us, we should listen respectfully.

When they scold us, we should sincerely accept what they say.

We should make sure that our parents are warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

In the morning, we should greet them and show them that we care.

At night, we should make sure that they are resting comfortably.

~ Excerpt from Guidelines for Being a Good Person ~

Gudelines for Being a Good Person (Di Zi Gui) was written by ancient Chinese sages. It teaches us the guidelines for being a good human being.

First, it teaches us to respect and love our parents, and to be kind to our siblings. Second, it teaches us how to interact with people and engage in daily tasks. It also teaches us to be a trustworthy person. Furthermore, it teaches us to love all beings and to be close to kind, virtuous people. Having learned how to do all these, we can then expand our horizons by studying the arts.

For the eBook copy of the text, click Guidelines for Being a Good Person. The eBook is viewable by using Adobe Reader 5 or later. If you have an earlier version or do not yet have the reader please click Adobe Reader download to download a free copy.

Guidelines for Being a Good Person

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