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“My father passed away when I was young. My mother persuaded me to learn medicine instead of studying and passing the imperial examinations because it would be a good way to support myself while helping others. Perhaps, I could even become famous through my medical skills; thus fulfilling my father’s aspiration for me. “

In ancient China, the purpose of studying and passing the imperial examinations was to become a government official. Thus, to stop studying for the examinations was to give up any chance to work in the government. A career in medicine would enable one to have a skill that would provide a good living in addition to helping others.

~ Excerpt from Changing Destiny ~

Written in the 16th century by Mr Liaofan Yuan, this book was intended to teach his son how to recognize the true face of destiny, tell good from bad, correct one's faults, and practice good deeds. It provided living proof of the rewards and outcomes of people who practiced kind deeds and cultivated virtue and humility. Related from Mr Yuan’s own experience in changing destiny, this book is not only invaluable for an individual's spiritual needs, but is also capable of helping to transform harmful attitudes in society.

For the eBook copy of the text, click Changing Destiny. The eBook is viewable by using Adobe Reader 5 or later. If you have an earlier version or do not yet have the reader please click Adobe Reader download to download a free copy.

Changing Destiny

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