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The Three Conditions are the basis for individual cultivation whereas the Six Harmonies are the basis for group cultivation. The Sangha is a group of four or more people who properly practice the Buddha’s teachings together, especially the Six Harmonies that are to:

The Six Harmonies are:

1. Harmony in having the same viewpoints

2. Harmony in observing the same precepts

3. Harmony in living together

4. Harmony in speaking without conflict

5. Harmony in experiencing Dharma bliss

6. Harmony in sharing benefits

First is harmony in having the same viewpoints, which means establishing consensuses in a group. The group members must uphold the same principles and methods that they are studying and practicing for harmonious group cultivation. If we want a stable society, everyone needs to get along with one another.

Second is harmony in observing the same precepts. When we live and practice together, we need to have rules, or else there will be disorder.

Third is harmony in living together as a group. The purpose of establishing a cultivation center is to help every participant in the group succeed in their practice. Living together in a group, practitioners can support each other. 

Fourth is harmony in speaking without conflict. By reducing, and ideally eliminating, disputes, people will be better able to focus on their cultivation.

Fifth is harmony in experiencing Dharma bliss. When we learn and practice a Dharma Door, the basic achievement that we should attain is happiness.

Sixth is harmony in sharing benefits. In the sangha, everything is shared fairly and whenever possible, equally. In this way, everyone’s basic needs will be met. Special needs are also to be considered. Understanding that everything in the sangha is an offering, nothing should be wasted. This will insure that future needs will also be met.

Six Harmonies

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