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This simple, convenient, and effective way to prac­tice Buddha name chanting is espe­cially suitable for those who find that they have little time for cultivation. The chanting helps us to be mindful of Amitabha Buddha. It brings us joy.

We begin when we wake up. Sit up straight and clearly chant “Amituofo” ten times with a calm and focused mind, aloud or si­lently. We repeat this eight more times throughout the day. Each time we chant “Amituofo” ten times. This chanting can be done by following one of two programs. Please choose the one that is the most suitable for your circumstances.

One program is to chant upon waking up,

before and after breakfast,

before work,

before and after lunch,

before and after dinner, and

before retiring.

The other program is to chant upon waking up,

before breakfast,

before and after our morning’s work,

before lunch,

before and after our afternoon’s work,

before dinner, and

before retiring.

The key is regular­ity; disrup­tion of this practice will re­duce its effec­tiveness. When we recite consistently with­out in­ter­ruption, we will soon feel an increase in our wisdom, serenity, and purity of mind. Diligent prac­tice of this method together with unwavering belief, vows, and living a moral life can ensure fulfillment of our wish to reach the Western Pure Land.

Ten-recitation Method

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