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After six months of attending the PLLCA training program, the student will begin teaching one lesson a week under the supervision of either a Venerable or a teacher approved by the PLLCA. After each class, the student will write a report commenting on the teaching methods he or she used and whether he or she feels the methods were effective. Also, the student will suggest alternative methods and propose how he or she plans to improve the lessons for the next class. The supervisor will meet with the student and discuss the content of the report.

During the next lesson, the supervisor will analyze the techniques the student has learned and see how well he or she applied them in a classroom situation. This will continue for six months.

In the second year, the student will teach two lessons a week. As in the first year, the student will be required to write a weekly report. In the report, the student will reflect on the Buddhist teachings he or she has learned and on how he or she has understood the content. The supervisor will be able to assess the student’s progress from the report and the individual’s daily behavior.

At the end of the two years, the performance of each student will be assessed in his or her final class. The assessment will also take into consideration their weekly practical results. After the supervisory team agrees that the student is qualified, the student will be given opportunities to teach independently in a classroom environment. Periodically, supervisors will sit in on the class to monitor the progress of the new teacher.

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