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The following information is from page one of the application to attend the Pure Land Learning College Association, Inc. Please click information and application to download the two-page form.

Application Notice

Please read the following carefully before filling out the application form on page two.

1. The Pure Land Learning College Association, Inc. (PLLCA) cultivates the Pure Land teachings.

Other teachings are to be respected but not practiced.

2. Please fill out the application form completely and return it to the PLLCA. Incomplete

applications will be returned unprocessed. You may proceed with your travel arrangements once

you receive notification that your application has been accepted.

3. Stays will be approved for a maximum of three months. A re-evaluation will be conducted when

the end of the term is due.

4. If you cannot make it to the PLLCA on the dates specified in the application, you must submit a

new application. Wait for approval before making travel arrangements.

5. If you are coming to do volunteer work, please tick on the application the areas of interest you

would like to volunteer in.

6. Applications will not be accepted without a referrer. The referrer must be the person in charge of

a Pure Land association, a PLLCA monastic, or someone approved by the PLLCA.

7. The referrer is fully liable for the retreat participant. The referrer will be responsible for the

retreat participant’s return home if the participant behaves inappropriately.

8. Applicants must be healthy and have a positive mental outlook, without the need of special care.

Approval will not be given to those who cannot manage their own daily lives.

9. Applicants who are seventy years of age and above must provide a good health declaration from

a physician. If there are health issues, we may require that you be accompanied by a family

member or friend.

10. Since the PLLCA is not an accredited boarding school, applications cannot be accepted from

those under age eighteen unless accompanied by at least one parent and during school break.

11. Retreat participants must support the ideals of the PLLCA, cultivate both good fortune and

wisdom, and spend some time maintaining the PLLCA physical environment in addition to

attending cultivation sessions and listening to Dharma lectures.

12. Retreat participants must abide by the PLLCA class timetable and regulations.

13. Participants must bring their own haiqing, water container, personal hygiene items, etc.

14. During the term of participation, retreat participants are not allowed to take leave without good

cause. If the leave does not involve an overnight stay, written approval from one monastic is

sufficient. If the leave involves more than one day, two approvals are required.

15. Please be advised that Australian tourist visas are only good for a three-month stay.


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