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In this recent era, Buddhism has declined. This is primarily caused by the lack of Dharma lecturers and practitioners, and not having enough qualified Dharma protectors. Thus, all Buddhists wish for talented, educated people who are trained in the teachings and to have a true cultivation centre. This has been a long-held wish of Venerable Master Chin Kung as well.

In 2001, the Pure Land Learning College Association, Inc. (PLLCA) was established. It has two primary goals.

The first is to provide a good learning environment for students who aspire to learn and practice Pure Land Buddhism and the teachings of ancient saints and sages.

The second goal is to nurture and train Dharma propagators and protectors.

Much like a young tree, which needs the right soil, climate, and proper care to grow, promising and dedicated students need a proper environment, guidance, training, and support to reach their full potential. In providing such an environment and training in the traditional, time-proven ways to nurture and train Dharma propagators, the PLLCA hopes it will fulfill the goal of propagating the Buddha’s teachings, teachings that will benefit all beings. The PLLCA also hopes that in this way it will continue to pass on the Buddha’s wisdom, the wisdom that will enlighten all beings.

This is the way of repaying the kindness of others.


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