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The Ten Thousand Surnames Ancestral Memorial Hall of was opened in 2003. As Venerable Master Chin Kung has said, “Buddhism is a teaching based on the principle of honoring teachers and revering their teachings, and this teaching must be based on filial piety. Without filial piety, there is neither the principle of honoring teachers and revering their teachings nor Buddhism.” Thus the Memorial Hall serves as the cultivation hall, combining the teachings of respect with the primary Pure Land practice of Buddha-name chanting.

Master Chin Kung explains that the reason the Chinese people have prospered for more than five thousand years and maintained their history and culture is due to the education that Chinese ancestors promoted: the teachings of filial piety, of respecting teachers, and of causality. These three teachings consolidated a peaceful and happy race in three ways. First, the establishment of ancestral memorial halls taught people to be filial, to memorialize ancestors, and to be grateful for every kindness received from others. Second, the establishment of Confucian temples taught people morality and that they should respect teachers. Third, the establishment of city god temples taught people to believe in causality, to refrain from all evil, and to cultivate goodness. Such a spirit is not only the foundation of morality, but also the direct cause of becoming a Buddha.

“We start with commemorating the ancestors of one people and one country and advance to commemorating the ancestors of all the beings in the Nine Dharma Realms. When we practice filial piety to such an extensive degree, there will definitely be sages manifesting to teach us to transform evil to goodness, delusion to awakening, and ordinary people to sages. This is the greatest good fortune for all people.”

Ancestral Memorial Hall of Ten Thousand Surnames

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