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Whether in bustling cities or quiet villages, Venerable Master Chin Kung, a wise monk in his eighties, thinks only of following the examples set by the Buddha and the ancient sages and virtuous people—teaching. He teaches to help millions of people understand the true meaning of life. For the past fifty years, he has done so diligently and tirelessly.

His teachings range from that of the natural love between parents and children to that of the compassion and loving-kindness of Buddhas and sages. With a broad and impartial mind, he guides people to elevate their spiritual states.

He is prudent and considerate in all things: from interacting with people and handling matters and affairs to learning about the universe. With insightful wisdom, he inspires people to broaden their minds.

From Guidelines for Being a Good Person, which instills proper thoughts in children, to the Avatamsaka Sutra, which describes the ultimate and perfect state of Buddhahood, he explains the profound teachings in simple language and enriches people’s lives.

From one trillionth of a second of a thought to the endless transmigration as ceaseless as a running river, he expediently uses such analogies to awaken people to overcome their limitations.

Master Chin Kung does not come from an illustrious family nor did he attend a university. Traveling the five continents, he thinks only of how to fulfill the teachings as taught by the Buddha and sages. Living a life of sincerity and respect, he helps all religions work together; propagates the true teachings of the sages; and promotes equality, harmony, and the concept of a global family.

Never tired of learning or teaching, he teaches ceaselessly to help people understand the truth of life and the universe to the world.

“Compassion is the essence, and expediency is the means.” He always cares about the well-being, harmony, and happiness of all people. This is his great heart of compassion as he ceaselessly thinks of benefiting all beings.

“Learning to be a teacher; acting as a role model.” His unselfish teaching and behavior always encourage people to act proactively, work hard, and cultivate virtues.

He emulates the ancient sages and returns to the true nature. His sincerity, respectfulness, humility, and amiability constantly remind people to understand their true self.

Master Chin Kung was born in tumultuous times, during the early years of the Republic of China when there was much warfare. He has dedicated his life to propagating the teachings of the Buddha and the sages. Although he only graduated from middle school, he always had a sincere, enthusiastic attitude in learning and great respect for his teachers and their teachings. Therefore he was able to learn from Professor Fang Dongmei, a great philosopher of his time; Zhangjia Living Buddha, an eminent monk of Tibetan Buddhism; and Mr. Li Bingnan, a great master of Buddhism and Confucianism for a total of thirteen years. He was a diligent and aspiring young man, cared about and highly regarded by his teachers.

When young, Master Chin Kung felt a strong antipathy towards religion, especially Buddhism. But Professor Fang told him, “The Buddha was a great philosopher and also a sage. Buddhism is the pinnacle of all philosophies in the world, and learning Buddhism is the ultimate enjoyment of life.” The master thus put aside his prejudice and started to read the sutras. As time went on, he began to have a better understanding and appreciation of the Dharma.

Shortly after starting to read the sutras, he began to study with Zhangjia Living Buddha. He started to learn about Sakyamuni Buddha and diligently practice Zhangjia Living Buddha’s teaching of “seeing through; letting go.” From this, he laid a solid foundation for learning Buddhism.

Master Chin Kung often contemplates Mr. Li Bingnan’s teaching of “the utmost sincerity can invoke responses.” For the past fifty years, the master has lectured extensively and ceaselessly on various sutras and assimilated many different teachings. All these diverse studies have only served to deepen his absolute confidence in the Pure Land teachings, further enabling him to encourage people to learn the Pure Land method.

After Master Chin Kung became a monk, times were difficult, and he was fortunate to gain the support of Ms. Han Ying, a lay practitioner who had been listening to the master’s lectures, and her family. He stayed at their home for seventeen years. Ms. Han worked hard to arrange for places for him to lecture. He thus was able to have thirty years of lecturing experience and attained profound flexibility, patience, meditative concentration, and wisdom.

Today when we respectfully look at the master, we see him receiving abundant praise and the admiration of many people. Also we can listen to his lively, skillfully delivered, and deeply impressive lectures via the Internet, satellite television, and DVDs. Let us carefully perceive and realize the true compassion of this master who “only wishes for all sentient beings to leave suffering and does not seek happiness for himself.”

This infinite compassion is based on sincerity, purity, impartiality, and proper understanding. No matter what hardships he has encountered, how he has been questioned, criticized, or demeaned, he has always continued to move forward. It is this true, infinite compassion that has enabled him to attain wisdom and eloquence. From this compassion arose the perseverance that enabled him to cheerfully disregard hardships as he traveled around the world to promote global harmony. Because of this selfless compassion, no matter how he was questioned or criticized, he has been able to look far ahead and aim high as he earnestly and tirelessly teaches all beings to break through delusion and attain awakening.

Master Chin Kung is learned in Confucianism, Buddhism, and the teachings of the sages. He has mastered the teachings of all the Buddhist schools and can perfectly explain Buddhism. He is familiar with various fields, such as astronomy and science. He is adept at extracting the quintessence of various religious teachings. His broad-mindedness and profound wisdom, especially the mindset that “I shall never regret even if no one in the world knows me” is truly beyond the understanding of people who, like me, hold shallow views.

Now, from my limited understanding of Master Chin Kung, I would like to summarize the important concepts of his teaching. Although I am limited in vision, I am hoping to elicit wiser opinions from others. I will try to introduce him from all aspects so that we can learn from this master who has lived from the twentieth to the twenty-first century, whose mind accommodates all faiths, and whose wisdom transcends time. More importantly, through learning his teachings and emulating his behavior, we will be able to broaden our horizon and have a correct understanding of the teaching of the sages. When we have an in-depth understanding and practice accordingly, together we will be able to enjoy the truth, goodness, beauty, and wisdom, which are already innate in our lives.


Part 1: Who is Buddha and Who is a Sage

Part 2: Understanding the Buddha’s Teaching

Part 3: True Learning, Diligent Practice, and Great Function

Part 4: Methods Adapt with the Passing of Time

Part 5: Training Teachers is the First Priority

Part 6: Compassionately Helping and Universally Benefiting All Beings

Part 7: Multicultural Harmony as in the Avatamsaka Sutra

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